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Barre: A high intensity, low impact workout combining classic ballet conditioning movement with mat Pilates. This intelligent, full body workout involves both small isometric movement, and full range natural motion, to strengthen muscles, improve posture, flexibility, mobility, balance and burn stress. Barre is a transformative and restorative workout that will lift, tone and sculpt muscle while strengthening joints. All fitness levels will benefit and be challenged. No experience needed.
50 Minute & Power Hour Classes

Barre Burn: Our classic Barre bumped up to include cardio blasts to Torch Calories, Lift Booties,
Sculpt Arms and Shoulders and get that Core burning! Think Barre on a Double Espresso.
50 Minute Class

Bullet Barre: Barre on Blast! This sped up class is an hour of workout squeezed into a 45 minute block of fun, challenging, full body strengthening Barre moves that will get your workout in and get you back on the move to work or play!
45 Minute Class

HIIT Barre: Barre Burn on Blast! Our 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training Barre Class is our fastest paced class including
intervals of High Intensity all energy output followed by short rests. This High Intensity class is still low impact,
but will get your heart pounding, sweat dripping and calories burning for hours!
30 Minute Class

Core Central: This 30 minute Barre class eliminates the isolated leg and thigh series to focus on the Core including Arms, Shoulders, Abs, Obliques, Back and Glute work to get your Core strong to support you in life! Not just butts and guts!

30 Minute Class

Yoga: Hatha-Vinyasa led by our 500 Hour Yogi Marin.

60 Minute Class

Lots of new and exciting additions to our schedule coming soon!

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More details to come!


Find your time. Find yourself. Find your spot at the Barre. Socks On. Music Up. World Off.

Kalamazoo Barre is building a Tribe of Strength, Support & Community.

Be You. Show Up. Commit. Share. Grow. Thrive. Belong.

Kalamazoo Barre is committed to keeping a clean, safe and welcoming environment. We believe diversity is strength and welcome all ethnicities and genders. Our Mats are EcoWise, made from TPE closed-cell foam that are PVC, latex, phthalates
& chloride free. We clean both the Studio and equipment with all natural cleaners that are Thieves Oil, Citrus, Vinegar and
Witch Hazel based to eliminate any toxic chemical exposure. We care about the air quality in studio as well and smudge the studio monthly to eliminate airborne bacteria mindfully, as well as diffuse essential oils to purify and set mood.
Please share with us any sensitivities so that you can feel as comfortable as possible in the studio.